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On March 4 and 5, 2017 there were clinics by Chris Irwin at the Duinveldt stables in Castricum. The atmosphere was very
relaxed and in good spirit. A wonderfull weekend filled with learning and meeting new and old friends.
Thank you Chris, Sofie, Céline, Anne-Monique, Ton and extra thanks to Erica van Leeuwen of 'De Buitenkans'
for the perfect organization and making everyone feel welcome and at home.

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4m30s Video compilation of the clinics

DSC_5534-001.JPG DSC_5537-001.JPG DSC_5540-001.JPG DSC_5558-001_01.JPG DSC_5559-002.JPG DSC_5573-003.JPG DSC_5581-005.JPG DSC_5583-006.JPG DSC_5594-007.JPG DSC_5599-001.JPG DSC_5621-002.JPG DSC_5630-003.JPG DSC_5633-004.JPG DSC_5639-005.JPG DSC_5685-007.JPG DSC_5692-008.JPG DSC_5727_01.JPG DSC_5740-002.JPG DSC_5754-001.JPG DSC_5760-001.JPG DSC_5762-001.JPG DSC_5769-001.JPG DSC_5779-001.JPG DSC_5837.JPG DSC_5838.JPG DSC_5840-001.JPG DSC_5849-002.JPG DSC_5868-001.JPG DSC_5870-001.JPG DSC_5891-001.JPG DSC_5910-001.JPG DSC_5911-001.JPG DSC_5912-001.JPG DSC_5512-001.JPG DSC_5513-001.JPG DSC_5722-001.JPG DSC_5526-001.JPG

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