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Back to Video Index page Chris at the Aarderhoeve Stables, April 2018 organized by Roos van der Weert

On April 28, 29 & 30, 2018 there were clinics and 'train the trainer' sessions by Chris Irwin at the Aarderhoeve Stables in Achterveld again. New and old, alike spirited, horse friends were welcomed by stable owner and organizer Roos and her husband Jos. Thank you very much Roos and Jos and also lots of thanks to Sophie and to Chris for his wise lessons and always friendly positive and accessible personality.

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Impression of Sweeping

groepsfotolichter.jpg AarderhoeveApril01.jpg AarderhoeveApril03.jpg AarderhoeveApril04.jpg AarderhoeveApril05.jpg AarderhoeveApril06.jpg AarderhoeveApril07.jpg AarderhoeveApril08.jpg AarderhoeveApril09.jpg AarderhoeveApril10.jpg AarderhoeveApril11.jpg AarderhoeveApril12.jpg AarderhoeveApril13.jpg AarderhoeveApril14.jpg AarderhoeveApril15.jpg AarderhoeveApril16.jpg AarderhoeveApril17.jpg AarderhoeveApril18.jpg AarderhoeveApril19.jpg f10_01.jpg f11_01.jpg f12_01.jpg f2_01.jpg f3_01.jpg f4_01.jpg f5_01.jpg f6_01.jpg f7_01.jpg f8_01.jpg f9_01.jpg fr1_01.jpg AarderhoeveApril02.jpg

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