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Back to Video Index page Chris at Garderen october 2017 organized by Jody Wolffgramm

On october 12, 2017 there were clinics by Chris Irwin at the Dutch village of Garderen.
It was on a bright sunny day when enthusiastic horsepeople combined learning with meeting new and old, alike spirited, friends. Lots of thanks to Jody Wolffgramm who organized this Chris Irwin Clinics day and also much thanks and appreciation to all volunteers like for example Tim, Renée and Louise Oostdijk who were one of the first to arrive and last to leave this great day. Of course also lots of thanks to Sophie and to Chris for his wise lessons and always friendly positive and accessible personality.

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Impression of the clinics

DSC_7634_01.JPG DSC_7637.JPG DSC_7639.JPG DSC_7640_01.JPG DSC_7644_01.JPG DSC_7647_01.JPG DSC_7648_01.JPG DSC_7649.JPG DSC_7654.JPG DSC_7657_01.JPG DSC_7661_02.JPG DSC_7664_01.JPG DSC_7665_01.JPG DSC_7667_01.JPG DSC_7668_01.JPG DSC_7675_01.JPG DSC_7679_01.JPG DSC_7680_01.JPG DSC_7684_01.JPG DSC_7687_01.JPG DSC_7689.JPG DSC_7699.JPG DSC_7703.JPG DSC_7708.JPG DSC_7710.JPG DSC_7711.JPG DSC_7712.JPG DSC_7716.JPG DSC_7719.JPG DSC_7720.JPG DSC_7724.JPG DSC_7775.JPG DSC_7793.JPG DSC_7808.JPG DSC_7820_01.JPG DSC_7826.JPG DSC_7829.JPG DSC_7833_01.JPG

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