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Back to Video Index page Chris Irwin at Riding center 't Hetjen, Stein 13 & 14 october 2018
 Organized by team 't Hetjen

On 13 and 14 october 2018 there were clinics by Chris Irwin at Riding center 't Hetjen, Stein

November 5, 2018 - All students have received an e-mail with a personal link to be able to watch their video(s).

November 20, 2018 - Downloading the video(s) in two different qualities is now possible by putting your personal received youtube-link in the box below.

Please send Jan an e-mail with your name and the time you were in the clinic with Chris. Not all e-mail adresses were readable to Jan :)
If you have not yet paid for your video, please also write this in the e-mail and Jan will send you his bankaccount for Ideal payment. If you prefer to pay with PayPal rite this in the e-mail.

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Quick Short Impression of the Demo & Clinics

DoorManegeZelfFotos-1.jpg DoorManegeZelfFotos-2.jpg DoorManegeZelfFotos-3.jpg DoorManegeZelfFotos-4.jpg DoorManegeZelfFotos-5.jpg DSC_0231_01.JPG DSC_0239_01.JPG DSC_0244_01.JPG DSC_0245_01.JPG DSC_0250_01.JPG DSC_0252_01.JPG DSC_0256_01.JPG DSC_0259_01.JPG DSC_0267_01.JPG DSC_0272_01.JPG DSC_0275_01.JPG DSC_0276_01.JPG DSC_0278_01.JPG DSC_0284_01.JPG DSC_0299_01.JPG DSC_0303_01.JPG DSC_0309_01.JPG DSC_0313_01.JPG DSC_0320_01.JPG DSC_0325_01.JPG DSC_0330_01.JPG DSC_0332_01.JPG DSC_0333_01.JPG DSC_0337_02.JPG DSC_0340_01.JPG DSC_0341_01.JPG DSC_0343_01.JPG DSC_0348_01.JPG DSC_0349_01.JPG DSC_0350_01.JPG DSC_0356_01.JPG DSC_0359_01.JPG DSC_0361_01.JPG DSC_0376_01.JPG DSC_0389_01.JPG DSC_0390_01.JPG DSC_0395_01.JPG DSC_0397_01.JPG DSC_0402_01.JPG DSC_0403_01.JPG DSC_0407_01.JPG DSC_0409_01.JPG DSC_0420_01.JPG DSC_0421_01.JPG DSC_0424_01.JPG DSC_0431_01.JPG DSC_0438_01.JPG DSC_0443_01.JPG DSC_0447_01.JPG DSC_0450_01.JPG DSC_0452_01.JPG DSC_0458_01.JPG DSC_0463_01.JPG DSC_0465_01.JPG DSC_0466_01.JPG DSC_0470_01.JPG DSC_0473_01.JPG DSC_0475_01.JPG DSC_0475_02.JPG DSC_0478_01.JPG DSC_0480_01.JPG DSC_0486_01.JPG DSC_0483_01.JPG DSC_0498_01.JPG DSC_0465_02.JPG DSC_0500_01.JPG

Camera Setup

Cam Technisch

If two teachers teach at the same time, the sound is devided to the left and right channel.

Is your video player unable to play left OR right or if you are watching on YouTube? Then use headphones and place only one side on your ear.

If more then two teachers teach simultanious then often there is a Video A and B version. The videos are the same. Only the sound of one or bth channels differs.

If you have a question or remark please let me know via e-mail or Facebook

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